La Reina de Azùcar y los Afro-Latinos

Ay Celia… I celebrate her this September – October in my La Vida En Hispanic Heritage Month posts and I would be remiss to not celebrate La Reina, So here ya go!  As a constant source of inspiration you never fail to impress, Celia you still reign supreme in a world where you were meantContinue reading “La Reina de Azùcar y los Afro-Latinos”

There’s Nothing Wrong With Her… #AutismAwareness

There’s Nothing Wrong With Her… by Mimi Machado-Luces #MimiTVA #LaVidaEnBlack #BlueDivaDesi My mother droned this into our heads when we confirmed my daughter’s autism. “That child is brilliant you know, Mimi,” she repeated in her sing song-y West Indian accent, “you ent’ have to worry about she, Desi goin’ an’ change dee world you know.Continue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With Her… #AutismAwareness”