There’s Nothing Wrong With Her… #AutismAwareness

There’s Nothing Wrong With Her… by Mimi Machado-Luces #MimiTVA #LaVidaEnBlack #BlueDivaDesi My mother droned this into our heads when we confirmed my daughter’s autism. “That child is brilliant you know, Mimi,” she repeated in her sing song-y West Indian accent, “you ent’ have to worry about she, Desi goin’ an’ change dee world you know.Continue reading “There’s Nothing Wrong With Her… #AutismAwareness”

La Vida En Black; El Negro Primero #BlackHistoryIsGlobal

Afro-Venezuelans were a vital part of the struggle for independence.  One of Simon Bolívar’s most famous lieutenants, Pedro Camejo, is legendary in Venezuela’s history as “El Negro Primero,” who was always the first to ride into battle. In the final battle of Carabobo, Camejo was mortally wounded but survived long enough to utter one infamous phrase: “General, vengo decirle,Continue reading “La Vida En Black; El Negro Primero #BlackHistoryIsGlobal”

Donte Deserves A Diploma!

A Mother’s Determined Fight to Keep Kennedy Krieger Honest and Protect the Future of Her Autistic Son by FAITH NELSON Published: April 17, 2012 Are autistic children becoming a numbers phenomenon for counters and a financial opportunity for Autism authorities? Autistic student Donte Reeves being unceremoniously dropped from the 2012 diploma rolls at Baltimore’s KennedyContinue reading “Donte Deserves A Diploma!”