La Vida In Black #BlackHistoryIsGlobal

Happy Our History Month!

My friends this Black History month, I decided to celebrate in an Afro-Latina way…

So for the next 28 days I will feature an Afro-Latino that made a difference across the globe. Black History is about us all, the African diaspora throughout the world.  I remember speaking to an educator about adding the story of Afro-Latinos to their Black Histroy narrative and she told me Black History was exclusively about African Americans.  I beg to differ…

Fact #1. More Africans were enslaved in Latin America than were EVER brought to the U.S.  

Fact # 2. When we state “the U.S. Of A. was built by slaves,” we need to change that and say the Americas were built by us.

So my Afro-Latinos look at your beautiful wonderful selves with pride today and everyday! 


La Vida En Black!  Now This is Black History
Pedro Alonso Niño otherwise known as “El Negro” was a navigator on the Niña… One of Christopher Columbus’ ships…actually considered his favorite ship. So now you know we truly led the way!

Thats Black History baby, La Vida En Black

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