My Black History is Global

A poem by Mimi Machado-Luces

My Black History is Global

I am a proud Afro Latina

with ancestors hailing from the most flavorful places on the planet, Trinidad, Venezuela, India and Africa…

My Black History is Global,

I have a soundtrack that is both western and worldly, an aficionado of Jazz y Son, Hip Hop and Timba, Reggae, Calypso, Soca, Samba, Soul, Salsa y Reggaeton!

My Black history is global,

I am a bilingual sibling to 14 amazing humans,

I am the award winning daughter of a scientist and a chef,

I am the wife of a journalist who happens to be a traditional African Priest

and then there’s this of which I take the most pride…

I am a mother of two artists that know their BLACK HISTORY IS GLOBAL TOO…

Published by MimiTVA

I am MimiTVA ... una Madre, Wife, Producer, Hermana, Writer, “Cita", Machado, filmmaker, TV Producer, thought leader, winner, lover, dancer, activist, MimiSpice maker + the chief cook & bottle washer en mi casa and finally a very good friend!

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