La Vida En Black…

This heritage is like the viento, 

We hear it in our piez when we dance


whispering como un hipnotizador

la clave

el llanto

su guaguanco


our ridmo te iluminá

embark on a enlightening journey

con nuestra distinto y diferente chronicles of la diaspora

musicá es religion.

spirits play las melodias son sacred ancestral rhythms

evoking la memoria of the curanderas


our kitchens son un espejo reflecting the artistry  of our African methodology

using spice as antropología, mezclamos our own healing blend of sabores.

Food is medicine, recetas prescrito de concoctions to curar todo lo que ails you.

our bailarines set floors en fuego con su instinctual Clave timing y Africano moves.

La Vida In Black follows our history

moments in time en el pasado

rico / pobre, visiblé / invisible.

La Vida In Black is about me, you, all of we,

our past, our presente;

our children y our futuro

I share these stories with

love and pride

intention and purpose…

I hope you enjoy reading them as much as I do…

Amore, Ashe y Bendiciones;


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