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  • A Love Letter to My Trini-Vene Tribe… #BlackHistoryIsGlobal

    Today’s La Vida En Black History Month moment comes in the form of a love letter.  A love letter written through history, by our ancestors, by our Great Grandmothers and Great Grandfathers…today’s Post is dedicated to mi famila. Born in the “in between” time my Mummy, Josefa Machado was a bright daughter in the Luces family.  […]

  • La Vida En Black; El Negro Primero #BlackHistoryIsGlobal

    Afro-Venezuelans were a vital part of the struggle for independence.  One of Simon Bolívar’s most famous lieutenants, Pedro Camejo, is legendary in Venezuela’s history as “El Negro Primero,” who was always the first to ride into battle. In the final battle of Carabobo, Camejo was mortally wounded but survived long enough to utter one infamous phrase: “General, vengo decirle, […]

  • El Judio Maravilloso and MimiTVA…

    I first met Larry Harlow as a little girl – when my dad took me to a Fania All-Stars Concert in Miami, maybe 1973-74. My Dad knew Celia Cruz from a time he had spent in Cuba when she first became the voice of Sonora Matencera plus he loved El Judio Maravilloso- Larry Harlow. So […]

  • My Black History is Global

    A poem by Mimi Machado-Luces My Black History is Global I am a proud Afro Latina with ancestors hailing from the most flavorful places on the planet, Trinidad, Venezuela, India and Africa… My Black History is Global, I have a soundtrack that is both western and worldly, an aficionado of Jazz y Son, Hip Hop […]

  • María Remedios Del Valle

    María Remedios del Valle (ca. 1768–1847) was an army nurse and counter-intelligence spy who helped Argentine soldiers escape captivity from the Spanish Army. Remedios de Valle was also known as the “Madre de la Patria” (Mother of the Homeland) because of her powerful influence and consummate bravery. She was shot in battle, captured, imprisoned, tortured, then […]

  • Afro-Venezuelan Culture and Resistance: A Conversation with Ines Perez-Wilke

    Venezuelanalysis interviews an activist and researcher who has written extensively on issues of black identity and struggle. ines_va.png <img typeof=”foaf:Image” class=”img-responsive” src=”” width=”1053″ height=”675″ alt=”Ines Perez-Wilke, university professor and activist. (Venezuelanalysis)” title=”Ines Perez-Wilke, university professor and activist. (Venezuelanalysis)” /> Ines Perez-Wilke, university professor and activist. (Venezuelanalysis) By Cira Pascual Marquina – May 24th 2019 […]

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