Gurl Ya Ain’t Play-in’ Ya Good! , Do Good and Good Will Always Follow You!


I woke up today and realized, a dream has come true.

I woke up today and said Thank you God for this day,

I have so much to say,

I have always had so much love to share but

today is a result of love given, spent and returned .. without condition, without barriers, without question…

so here’s to the good, bad, and beautiful…

Life is a Pot of Gold!
Desideria Cooper-Machado 
You were named for your maternal great grandmother Desideria and paternal grandmother, Cecil…
and in thee my little ray of sunshine  I find the spirit of both of these women, strong, bright, intelligent, nurturers…
you are so smart and beautiful, I am stunned at how generous and kind your soul is…
I am proud to be your mother.
I learn from you every day, I thank you for all you’ve taught me…
Congratulations my Lady-Child, you’re on your way to a spectacular life… Enjoy
So I was awakened today by success, I am constantly striving for excellence, trying to do my best in whatever life offers me.  That’s what my parents taught me,
Don Pedro always used to say,
“Don’t talk about people, talk about ideas”, “think of the possibilities and strive for excellence, you are a Machado…”
La Maestra Josefa always said, “Gurl, ya ain’t playin’ ya good, eh” and “Do good and good will always follow you…”
Mummy, Daddy, I believe today when I see Desideria Cecilia
walk across that stage and receive her High School Diploma,
Desideria graduates!
I will be praising Almighty God for the gifts bestowed to me,
my parents, my siblings, my nieces and nephews, my partner , my friends and my beautiful, magnificent, spectacular children…
I can claim;  I ain’t play-in’ –  I did good and and good did follow me,
I tried not to talk about people 🙂
I always talk about ideas and imagine the possibilities..
I strive for excellence, and look at how a dream came true today.
I could not be more proud.
So today I Just had to share… I’m just saying’
Desideria Cecilia Cooper-Machado’s grade point average is 3.8.
Last month one of Desi’s spectacular pieces of art hung in the Fredrick Douglass Maritime Museum, It was the first item sold for hundreds of dollars…
She is going to Montgomery College, one of the best community colleges in the country to study Art, Nutrition and Education.
She wants to teach art and nutrition to little kids. Start em Young!
On the day she was born…I knew Desi would be successful in life
From the moment she was diagnosed with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and then later Autism,
I dreamed of this day.
Even though so many people wanted to say, this may not happen, I never really doubted for 1 second that God would grant her this…
And that’s why I am so grateful.
She is a good person, striving for excellence, talking about ideas and you know she ain’t play-in’ SHE GOOD!
Thank You God, Thank You Family, Thank You Friends…
I love you all…
Mimi TVA , aka Blue Diva Desi’s Madre!
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