Domingo Candombe #BlackHistoryIsGlobal

Today’s La Vida En Black History Month message is from Uraguay… Candombe is an original Uruguayan music and art form developed by the Africans living there as slaves. Candombe is so imbedded in the Uruguayan culture Candombe is recognized by UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage of humanity. Candombe also became ingrained in Argentina and Brazil.

In Argentina, it can be found in Buenos Aires, Santa Fe, Paraná, and Corrientes and it greatly influenced
tango and Milonga. In Brazil, Candombe still lives as a religious art form and can be found in Minas Gerais State.

The music of Candombe is based on three drums: chico, repique and piano drums. Always played in February during carnival in Montevideo, Uruguay at dance parades called “Llamadas” and “Desfile Innaugural del Carnaval”.

Afro-Uruguayans celebrated with Candombe dances every Sunday and on special holidays such as New Year’s Eve, Christmas, Saint Baltasar, Rosary Virgin and Saint Benito. They would set a fire to heat the drums and play their Candombe music, all through the night. Many characters in the parade represented the old white masters during slavery in old Montevideo city. It was a way to rebel and mock to their lifestyle with a rebel spirit for freedom. But spiritually it was a way to honor and maintain their African traditions. All roads lead to the Motherland eventually. So happy Sunday mi gente Celebrate the Candombe in all of us!
Thats La Vida En Black baby




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