TriniVene Tribe

My father Don Pedro Machado Jr. left a beautiful family way too soon. He knew about other children but what about the child he never knew existed?

Don Pedro Machado Hamilton Jr.

Well, God in Her infinite wisdom determined that he would miss out and was deemed unable to truly enjoy the fruits of his own tree.

And because She is a comedian, She created us with DNA that doesn’t lie. Nor does that creation keep secrets.

So ironically, the very technology my father helped to create in the 50s and 60s (when he worked at Control Data Systems, and IBM in California) is the same technology that brought 6 of his children together in Los Angeles this weekend.

L to R – Debbie, Mimi, Lisa, David, Julio, Kerensa

A DNA match from brought a new, beautiful, intelligent, extraordinary soul into our lives and we are so much more complete than we ever would be.

Lisa, Andy, and family our #TriniVeneTribe welcomes you with wide open arms.

I am so grateful to be the storyteller of our clan. Now I really understand what my TriniVene Tribe Documentary was missing. Thank you, Lisa, for helping to add to our already spectacular story! Daddy ya ent playing, ya good!

I am 1 of 14 siblings – Machado and Luces -who are each the epitome of family… so thank you Don Pedro, thank you Doña Josefa and Thank you Brothers and Sisters for always being family!

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