Who are they going to parade for us this time…

There is no right candidate in the Repoooblican Party for me. I used to like “Cornbread” with his awe shucks sensibilities and his easy way of charming a crowd. Well now that all of a sudden racism does exist for him, I’m done. I love it when Black people in positions such as Herman Cain suddenly become “Black” when faced with adversity of their own doing. You didn’t harass those women because you were black, you weren’t accused because you were black, you were accused because … maybe… ahem you did it?

Men have a warped sense of what is or isn’t appropriate and Herman Cain is definitely, apparently and seemingly on that track….

Uncle Ruckus… Handle your bid…ness…

Published by MimiTVA

I am MimiTVA ... una Madre, Wife, Producer, Hermana, Writer, “Cita", Machado, filmmaker, TV Producer, thought leader, winner, lover, dancer, activist, MimiSpice maker + the chief cook & bottle washer en mi casa and finally a very good friend!

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