My Own BP Oil Disaster

In 2009 I found out that my underground oil tank had a few holes in it. It was 22 years old, wear and tear etc… cost to remove it & install a new one $8000
The State said they would reimburse up to 80% of it and I was approved over 6 months ago. Have I received any money from the state? NO!
Cost to fill the 250 gallon tank at a lower rate than the rest of the world is somewhere around $800 a fill.
service contract per year is 431.90
Cost to switch to all electric blankets, standing heaters and a protable fireplace… to heat in my house probably 831.90…
I’m going for it.

Published by MimiTVA

I am MimiTVA ... una Madre, Wife, Producer, Hermana, Writer, “Cita", Machado, filmmaker, TV Producer, thought leader, winner, lover, dancer, activist, MimiSpice maker + the chief cook & bottle washer en mi casa and finally a very good friend!

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