The Priestess Who Launched the War of Independence! #BlackHistoryIsGlobal

This La Vida En Black History Month message hails for la isla de la primera vista, Hispaniola’s french side, Haiti! And I went in search of a Lady I present to you, Cécile Fatiman.  Cécile_Fatiman

Cécile Fatiman was a great Vodou Priestess when in 1792 she lead the ceremony in Bois Caïman which launched the war of independence against the French slave owners. Yes, there are many preconceived notions about vodou however, it is a yoruba religion brought to Americas by our African ancestors.  In Fatiman’s position as a priestess, her responsibilities included healing rituals, religious ceremonies to call the spirits, reading dreams, invoking protection and creating healing potions for various uses.

She was married to the seventh President of Haiti Louis Pierrot and for a time led the nation as first lady. Cécile Fatiman lived for over a century, until she was 112 years old.

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