“Pelo Malo” Speaks To Us All #BlackHistoryIsGlobal


Todays La Vida En Black History Month message hails in the form of a film I just watched and had been hearing about for months. There are several themes coming up in Latino Cinema that have to deal with identity, relationships and how we see one another. In this award winning film by Venezuelan director, Mariana Rondon we are transported to Caracas today. A little boy, Junior just wants to straighten his hair or Pelo Malo (Bad Hair) and his mother… She just wants to get a job + she thinks her son is wierd. Excellent film, amazing look at Venezuela now, poignant story. Available on demand on HBO Peliculas! Pelo Malo is a fantastic example, that Black History truly is Global!

Published by MimiTVA

I am MimiTVA ... una Madre, Wife, Producer, Hermana, Writer, “Cita", Machado, filmmaker, TV Producer, thought leader, winner, lover, dancer, activist, MimiSpice maker + the chief cook & bottle washer en mi casa and finally a very good friend!

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